Suggesstion regarding chat integration in multitenet app

Hi there,

We want to use the enterprise version of the sendBird chat and we have a multi tenet app system(HR software as service). I mean a saas app where different customer have their own seperate instance.Now i want to follow the approach of the seperate app for each customer so the user within each instance data is perfectly managed.But there is a cavet that an account generate 10 apps only without your tell me how i can have the as many apps as number of apps instnace generated in my saad theough my single account of the sendbird.if it is possible do i have to write a script that each time the saas instance is generated new sendbird app i also generated in my dashboard and i can pass the app id as for every request from that app? Basically i am looking for the most roboust appraoch for this chat seperation for multiple instance.

I have to use the js based chat widget so tell me how i can use my client app session token( my sass intance session token) for the use authentication in the sendbird backend so that when ever my login token expires it also get log me out from the chat app as well? is this possible?

Thank you very much.


In this use case, we can increase the number of applications your organization can create. Once subscribed, simply open a case with our support team outlining the above and the number that you’d like the limit raised to and we can help you out.

In terms of logging out both, you would likely need to just call disconnect on the SDK when the session is closing. There is no way for you to tie your token to our session tokens.