Switch to disable notifications does not work

Hi all,

I’m using Android UIKit version 2.2.5 with Android 10, and I’m facing up with the following issue:

When I open a chat from ChannelList I can disable notifications correctly:

But when I try to open that chat directly, the notifications switch is incorrectly enabled:

More details:

  • I have a CustomChannelSettingsFragment with:
    override fun onMenuItemClicked(
        view: View,
        menu: ChannelSettingMenu,
        data: GroupChannel
    ): Boolean {
        when (menu) {
            ChannelSettingMenu.MODERATIONS -> {}
            ChannelSettingMenu.MEMBERS -> {
                return true
            ChannelSettingMenu.NOTIFICATIONS -> {}
            ChannelSettingMenu.LEAVE_CHANNEL -> {
                return true
            else -> {}
        return false
  • to create or open a chat directly, I use the following implementation:
val params = GroupChannelParams()

createChannel(params) { groupChannel, createGroupChannelException -> 

Do you have any advice?
Thank you.