UIKit in React Native

Hi team,

We would like to use UIKit for our React Native app. Possible solutions we consider:

A. React Native WebView which renders React UI kit. From the examples I have seen, using the device camera is not supported out of the box. And I am not sure which other limitations we might face if we decide to customize the input component.

B. Use iOS and Android UIKit and build bridges for the React native. We do not have experience with porting native code to React Native, so I am not sure how of a heavy lift that would be.

Does anyone have some thoughts about this and probably someone already tried to achieve something similar?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @peter.marets,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

Our React UIKit isn’t mobile optimized and thus we typically don’t recommend it for use with React-Native. That being said, we are currently working on a React-Native specific UIKit that will be optimized for mobile use. I don’t currently have an ETA for when that will be available.