UIViewControllers transitions / flow control

Good day dear team,
We’re trying to improve some ui flow when creating new chat with users, and during investigation we couldn’t find a way to change navigation transition between controllers. (Its modal by default and iOS14 styled). Is there any way to change transition type between modal / push/pop transition types on SBUCreateChannelViewController? Right now members list controller is shown as a modal view and new presentation style (iOS 14) is present. And next screen is presented as a modal controller as well.

Also when we choose members and tap on Create, messages history screen is shown, but if I want to go back, I always go to previous (members list) screen. Is there a way to transition to channels list screen instead of members list?


Hi @igor_alefirenko,

You can override open func showCreateChannel(type: ChannelType = .group) in SBUChannelListViewController to change the transition style as you want.

By default, the SBUCreateChannelViewController is pushed on the navigation controller, and when a new channel is created and if you click back, it goes back to the SBUChannelListViewController.
I’ve attached a video on this scenario from our sample, you can check if it’s different from your behavior.

@hoons, thanks for fast answer. The problem is solved on our side. The problem was in our app navigation stack. (TabBar was a root controller in Navigation Controller, that’s why we had different transition behavior on Channel Create Controller). Now we set TabBarController as a root controller in a window and everything works as on video above.

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