Unable to display React Sendbird UIKit Component

UIKit Version 1.0.3
Node Version 12.13.1

I downloaded the uikit sample javascript project and am trying to set up the simple-react-app. I ran npm install and added my app id in the .env file, but I’m getting “Something went wrong” errors on the chat page and no debug logs show up in console.

Clicking retry shows this error:

I have one existing group channel that I set up for testing in my app.


Thanks for reporting the issue, looks like they are two separate problems, anyways, let me check simple-react-app and get back to you


So, there are two issues ->

  1. Something went wrong page. For this I need a bit more information -
  • Go to SendBird-JavaScript/uikit-samples/simple-react-app/src/App.js. Please make the changes below:
  <div className="App">
        userId="sendbird" // please use your own userId and nickname
        // add this prop to see the logs
        config={{ logLevel: 'all' }}

Now, you should be able to see the logs

  1. Is an issue with retry button, we will fix it in soon

Thanks for your help @Sravan_S. Seems like the issue was that I wasn’t passing an access token to my component.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will make this more explicit on the README