Unable to fetch messages with new SBDMessageListParams & SBDThreadedMessageListParams

I’m using version 3.0.187 of the SendBirdSDK pod and have been unable to retrieve any messages from a given channel after I post them when I use the new SBDMessageListParams

let listParams = SBDMessageListParams()
listParams.reverse = false
listParams.messageType = .all
listParams.includeThreadInfo = true
channel.getMessagesByTimestamp(timestamp, params: listParams) { (messages, error) in
    if (error == nil) {
        //Messages always empty array

Everything appears okay when I send the messages initially (both with and without a parentMessageId), they just aren’t returned when I go to fetch them again:

let params = SBDUserMessageParams(message: message)
if let parentId = parentMessageId {
    params?.parentMessageId = parentId

var preSendMessage: GMKUserMessage?
preSendMessage = channel.sendUserMessage(with: params) { [weak self] (userMessage, error) in
    if error != nil {
    } else if let message = userMessage {
        //Making it here
        self?.markSendSuccessful(preSendMessage, newMessage: message)

When a parent message Id is present, and I try to fetch the associated threaded messages from the parent using SBDThreadedMessageListParams, I get the same result. No error and an empty array of messages, even after I have successfully sent child messages:

let listParams = SBDThreadedMessageListParams()
listParams.reverse = false
listParams.messageType = .all

parentMessage.getThreadedMessages(byTimestamp: timestamp, params: listParams) { (parentMessage, messages, error) in

    if let messages = messages {
        //Messages array always empty, parentMessage returns successfully

@Rachel_Pekarek Hi Rachel, I believe you cannot use thread feature yet (its still EAP phase)

We are a part of the EAP and have been told this feature should be turned on for us

Can you tell me your app id?

Can you set previousResultSize in SBDThreadedMessageListParams to some numbers and see if it retrieves messages?

previousResultSize is like limit for # of message to be fetched. This property is initially 0 (which I think it should be some # instead 0), so I believe you have to set some number for it

previousResultSize and nextResultSize is 0 and you have to set some number to fetch messages. These values are used to fetch messages based on token or timestamp.

That worked for both cases! Thank you!