unreadMentionCount value is 0 after send message by system


I have a react-native app and I’m using sendbird javascript packages I have functionality that sends the message by tapping the button by the receiver user. I got unreadMessageCount 1 by the receiver side now I want the unreadMentionCount value on the sender side

I hope I will get a response as soon as possible
Thanks in advance

Hi @Kartik,

Welcome to the community. We’re happy you’re here. Could you provide an example of what you’re looking to achieve? I don’t fully understand what are describing.


Thanks for your replay

I’m Using Sendbird react native SDK for sending and receiving messages in My App. For some scenarios I Used Platform APIs as Well.

I am not getting proper unreadMessageCount at the receiver end while i try to send message using Platform API. In case of react native SDK method for sending message is working fine.

Here is the Platform API which i used for sending Messages :: https://api-/${CHAT_APPLICATION_ID}.sendbird.com/v3/ + group_channels/${chatUrl}/messages

Also, I have tried to pass Boolean for this parameter “mark_as_read”, But didn’t work.

Thanks again

@Kartik ,

Let me take a look at this today and see if I can figure out whats going on.


Thanks Tyler.
i’m really glad to hear that


I’m doing some testing and I want to make sure I properly understand your scenario. Lets say we have User_A and User_B in group channel Charlie

User_A sends a message to User_B in channel Charlie.
User_B has not read the message yet. Here we expect the unreadMessageCount to be 1.
User_B reads the message. Here we expect the unreadMessageCount to be 0.

In your findings, are you seeing that this is not correct?



You are correct !!

But when using Platform APIs to send message. For sendbird react-native SDK it is working fine.

@Kartik Could you provide me an example? I did several tests using purely the API to send messages and check unreadCount while using an iOS app to read the messages and could not produce any behavior that did not seem expected.

The unread count increases and decreases as expected.