Update to android 4.12.3 chat SDK

Failed to resolve: org.brotli:dec:0.1.2
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Affected Modules: app

implementation ‘com.sendbird.sdk:sendbird-chat:4.12.3’

Hello @avikumarmanku

To update to version 4.12.3 of the Sendbird Chat SDK for Android, you need to add the following dependency to your module build.gradle file:

implementation 'com.sendbird.sdk:sendbird-chat:4.12.3'

If you encounter the error “Failed to resolve: org.brotli:dec:0.1.2”, you can try adding the following code to your root build.gradle file:

allprojects { 
     repositories { 
         maven { url '[https://jitpack.io](https://jitpack.io/)' }

This will add the JitPack repository to your project, which should resolve the issue.

Let me know if this helps.