Use Events in UiKit

How can i use this types of codes in Uikit.

var ChannelHandler = new sb.ChannelHandler();

ChannelHandler.onMessageReceived = function(channel, message) {
    console.log(channel, message);

sb.addChannelHandler(UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID, ChannelHandler);

How about something like this? Sendbird UIKit: subscribe for new messages for user?

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@alex.orr I was looking for this thread haha thanks

Hi @alex.orr,
We have been purchased sendbird licence. Can you guide me how can we use channel events in UiKit.
actually i am using channel filter by custom type and when my application first load then my channel is filtering fine. but any other user send me message with other custom type channel then channel is appearing in my channel list.
How is it possible and how can i fix this issue?


Is this related to the other topic you created or something different? To clarify the issue it you are filtering your channel list query by custom type and it loads correctly but then there is a new channel with a different custom type and it ends up in your channel list, correct?