[useConnection] nickname-sync failure [SendbirdError: Connection is required]

I’ve built a sign-in screen based on the one in the Sendbird sample app. I take a user’s phone number in a text input and check if it exists in my MongoDB. If the phone number doesn’t exist, I add the phone number to my MongoDB, generate a user ID, and then call the connect function from the useConnection hook like this: await connect(userId, { nickname }), where nickname is 'New User'.

Up until today, this has worked just fine – calling connect updated the currentUser object, which I used to conditionally render the next screen. Now, after no changes to my code, I receive a nickname-sync failure error, with no other context or stack trace provided.

After logging the value of currentUser before and after calling connect, I noticed that currentUser is undefined before calling the function and null after calling the function. Thus, the rest of my app fails to conditionally render.

Having a very hard time determining what’s changed, and I’m on a time crunch, so any help that leads to fixing this error is sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

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[UIKit Version]
3.1.2, building an Expo application

[Reproduction Steps]
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My App.tsx:

export default function App() {

  return (
      chatOptions={{ localCacheStorage: AsyncStorage }}
        file: FileService,
        notification: NotificationService,
        clipboard: ClipboardService,
        media: MediaService,
      <UrlContext.Provider value={{ url, setUrl }}>
        <Navigation />

My Navigation.tsx:

export function Navigation() {

  return (
    <OnboardingContext.Provider value={{ isOnboarded, setIsOnboarded }}>
          currentUser ? <SignedInStack.Navigator screenOptions={{ headerShown: false }}>
            <SignedInStack.Screen name="App" component={AppNavTree} initialParams={{ channelUrl: url }} />
          : <SignedOutStack.Navigator screenOptions={{ headerShown: false }}>
            <SignedOutStack.Screen name="Login" component={SignInScreen} />

In my SignInScreen.tsx I have a submit button that triggers the logic to search for the given phone number in my MongoDB, generate a user ID, and call the connect function as described above.

Each time I run the app and try to sign in.

[Current impact]
Unable to move forward with pushing to prod until this is resolved.