User_id must not contain email address

user_id must not contain email address on connection
Getting a “user_id must not contain email address” for new a new application within Sendbird.
Older application using the same SDK will allow emails as user_id’s.

[UIKit Version]
React V3

[Reproduction Steps]
Create a new application and attempt to add user with an email.

Currently it is reproducing on any new app created.

[Current impact]
Slowing down development since we are attempting to test using only the test env.

Sendbird has recently introduced new rules to prevent the inclusion of PII(Personally Identifiable Information) when creating a user in order to enforce privacy policies. The PII restriction will be applied only to newly created applications.
Therefore, we strongly recommend avoiding the use of PII, such as email addresses, legal names, and phone numbers, as it could compromise data security and privacy. It’s mentioned in our docs as well: Create a user | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs