User, Member, Sender API docs are missing for JS SDK

Where is the User JS API documentation? I’ve looked through this document several times and there doesn’t seem to be any documentation in the API reference describing the User model and its fields. I have the same question for Member and Sender.

According to the type declarations for the JS SDK, these types are exported but I cannot find any description of their fields, what kind of data to expect there or how to use them. In addition, the resource representation of the User in the platform API docs differs greatly from the type declaration so I don’t think any of that documentation is useful for the JS SDK. The User and Channel Metadata guide doesn’t help either.

This gives the impression that SDK users are expected to console.log whatever currentUser is and infer things like:

  • what the difference is between profileUrl and plainProfileUrl
  • what actual values are possible for connectionStatus whose type declaration only shows string
  • what getOriginalProfileUrl() does and how its return value differs from the other 2 profile URLs mentioned previously
  • etc.

Hey @Nicholas_Gelinas,

It looks like they do exists, they’re just not linked for whatever reason.

User: User - Documentation
Sender: Sender - Documentation
Member: Member - Documentation

I’ll work with the team to get those added properly.

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Thanks @Tyler for the quick and clear turnaround! I look forward to those API docs getting updated!

I’ll point out however that even the unlinked docs you’ve shared don’t include all of the fields from the type declaration. profileUrl in particular is absent and the connection statuses are not described under the connectionStatus field. Is that what the model-level constants NON_AVAILABLE, OFFLINE, ONLINE are for?