userDidExit and userDidLeave never calling for SBUOpenChannelViewController


I’m trying to catch events(userDidExit or userDidLeave) when my user exists the open channel but it doesn’t work. Here is my code:

class SendBirdEventManager: NSObject, SBDChannelDelegate {
    static let shared = SendBirdEventManager()
    private override init() {
        SBDMain.add(self, identifier: "unique_identifier")
    deinit {
        SBDMain.removeChannelDelegate(forIdentifier: "unique_identifier")
    func channel(_ sender: SBDGroupChannel, userDidLeave user: SBDUser) {
    func channel(_ sender: SBDOpenChannel, userDidExit user: SBDUser) {
    func channel(_ sender: SBDOpenChannel, userDidEnter user: SBDUser) {

calling in willFinishLaunchingWithOptions after SendBird initialization:

    _ = SendBirdEventManager.shared

So, when my user enters open channel I reciving userDidEnter notification as expected.

But when my user closing SBUOpenChannelViewController then SendBirdEventManager doesn’t receive userDidExit or userDidLeave.

How to fix the issue above? Thanks.

I’m using SendBirdUIKit 3.0.0-beta and SendBirdSDK 3.1.16