Using filtered list feature isn't allowing me to select any users

When running the UIKit with userListQuery it is returning the correct users but is not rendering in the UI correctly. It shows the correct user name but associates (YOU) next to each user. When I select any user and create the group, I am the only user in the group. No other user is connect. When I look at the response from the API, I do have the list of users with unique ids. If you look at the React error in the screen shot I am assuming that the checkbox is using the unique id of the user and since the render seems to only find my ID, this is why the child key prop is erroring out.

React: “^18.0.0”,
UIKit: 3.3.4


const getCustomUserList = () => ({
    next: async () => getUserList(chatUsers),
    then: (res) => res,

  if (!userId) return <div>Chat failed to load. Please try again later.</div>;

  return (<ChatPanel>
      config={{ logLevel: ['all'] }}


 try {
    const params = => encodeURIComponent(user.toString())).join(',');
    const endpoint = `${(SENDBIRD_API).replace(/APIID/gi, SENDBIRD_APP_ID)}/users?user_ids=${params}`;

    response = await fetch(endpoint, {
      headers: {
      method: 'GET',
    }).then((result) => result);
  } catch (err) {
    return [];
  return response

[UIKit Version]
Version 3.3.4

[Reproduction Steps]
Load the chat with the userListQuery running.
Initiate group chat
See rendered users - All have (YOU) next to it.
Select any user(s) to add. Notice only 1 member is in the new group
Verify in the Admin panel that group has been created, but creating user is the only member.

This happens every time the userListQuery is running

[Current impact]
This is a blocker for getting this into use. I need a way to ensure that the users shown are only related to the users in their contact list, and no extras.