View self group channel API questions

Hi there. I am using Platform channel API for implementing sendbird application, mainly this api(GET https://api-{application_id}{user_id}/my_group_channels

I would like to get the unread message count or the last message I read in this channel. However, I have the following questions.

  1. With queryString “custom_types” and “channel_urls” for the above api, I am able to filter out 1 specific channel. But the response I get, “unread_message_count” is always 0. Why does it happen
  2. For the same api and the same query string, I also see the “user_last_read”. When will it get updated?(eg. calling some apis? perform certain operations?)
  3. For the response of the message list, I wanna ask if the message.created_at will stay unchanged right?

Thank you very much for your time!

Hey @Fyrankeeevi_Tse,

I will answers these as best I can.

  1. Do you know if both or more parties have read all messages in a channel? Or can you describe more of the relation of the users in the channel?
  2. I do not see that specific key in the results of my_group_channels. Do you mean read_receipt? That corresponds to when the individual users device calls MarkAsRead() in the SDK.
  3. Message created at will not change. Can I ask what instance did you think it might change? The value of updated_at will change depending if the message is updated but created at wont change.