We’re Excited to Launch Delivery Receipts

We’re excited to launch Delivery Receipts as a part of Sendbird’s modern messaging essentials, a simple way to create certainty for your users that the messages they send are delivered.

Delivery Receipts

Delivery Receipts tell a sender that their message has been delivered successfully to a recipient without indicating whether the recipient has read it. With the certainty of a delivered message, the sender can manage other conversations or new parts of their workflow, improving their user experience, engagement, and efficiency.

Whether your users are buying or selling, delivering or ordering food, coordinating rides, dating or just chatting, delivery receipts give them certainty that a message is delivered.

Completing the missing piece in the message lifecycle notifications puzzle

With the launch of Delivery Receipts for Sendbird Chat developers can create message status notifications for every stage of the message lifecycle right from when the sender is typing a message and sends it, to when the message is sent to the server, to when the message is delivered to the recipient’s device and ultimately when the message is read by the recipient.

You can access this feature in Sendbird Chat API and SDK, and Sendbird UIKit, and read more about in our blog.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback - we’d love to hear from you.

Happy chat building!

The Sendbird Team

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