Web Widget Chat: How to add search functionality for Channels and Users?

Hi, All (@Sravan_S),

I have added Web Widget Chat in my web application. Everything is working fine so far.

A New requirement is coming from the client to provide a search on Channels and Users in web widget chat to ease the workflow. How can I achieve this task of adding a search in the web widget chat???

Any help or hint would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Note: I have already implemented the search feature in React UI Kit for the same client by writing customize components for Users and Channels.

Searching messages across channels are premium features. Can you contact sales team to turn the feature on?

Hi @imju

Thanks for your reply, I wanna implement a search on Channels names and Users Nicknames, not on messages in Web Widget UI.

Hi @imju

We already buy the SendBird subscription, can you guide me in which package these features comes?

Yes, this feature is not completely GA yet. We are planning to do production release pretty soon. Please talk to your AE for enabling this if you want to try before GA.

Hi @imju

Thanks for your reply again.


For channels please consider using a core SDK’s advanced channel filters ChannelNameContainsFilter

For nickname search of users please consider using the core SDK’s user search --> ApplicationUserListQuery

For both searches please don’t forget to throttle the search. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Jason

Yes, I am already using the Core SDK. Sure I will use the ChannelNameContainsFilter and ApplicationUserListQuery for search.

Hello @imju,

any update on when this will be available? I’m interested in adding a search by nickname when creating a new group channel, so the user doesn’t have to scroll through an entire list of users. I’m using the JavaScript UI Kit.


Sorry for being late.
Message search is released. Please check out here. This is a premium feature BTW.

Please contact sales for enabling this.