Webhook/Api calls information

It would be nice if the dashboard had webhook logs


  1. So we can see/debug what was sent
  2. So we can see the response from our server if it failed
  3. So we 100% know that everything is being handled correctly

It would also be nice to see an api request log


  1. So we can see/debug what was sent
  2. See sendbirds reason as to why a request failed.
  3. Have some basic stats on how many requests are failing vs successful

With the api request log, this would be majorly helpful. Somewhere in our system for registering a user to sendbird, we get an error. Our code doesnt give us a response from sendbird, so something else is happening. This would allow us to see the issue and fix the edge case. Otherwise, we’re just blindly working in the dark. There is only so many edge cases you can control/implement in your code to prevent this also…

With webhooks, we’re two teams at our company, web team and mobile team. No matter how much everything is documented, at some point, someone goes off spec/design and causes issues…

Thank you, i hope you can consider this feature soon