Webhook mention_type is always 'users'

When I send a message that contains channel mention to a group channel the mention_type in group_channel:message_send webhook is always set to users. Am I missing something?

Hello @Hristo_Kozhuharov,

I tested this out and was able to confirm that the mention_type in the group_channel:message_send webhook is set to users even for channel mentions. This does look to be a bug.

I will get this submitted to our engineering team.

Thanks! Do you have any idea when this could be fixed?

@Hristo_Kozhuharov, I do not have a time frame at the moment but I will provide an update as soon as I know more information from our engineering team.

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@Adam.Oleksiak any update on this? Thanks!


I took a look for Adam. It looks like this issue is still being reviewed by our Engineering team. As soon as we have more information, we’ll update here.


This issue has been fixed and should be available soon. I will message you privately when I confirm when this fix will be available in your region.