What happens when exceeding the MAU or PC (Peak Connections) of your subscription

If your Sendbird application exceeds the limits of Monthly Active Users (MAU) or Peak Concurrent (PC) connections, the Sendbird server will return an error response. This means that certain API requests or SDK methods may fail to execute, and you will not be able to perform the desired actions.

For example, let’s say your Sendbird application has a limit of 10,000 MAU. If the number of active users in your application exceeds 10,000, any new users trying to access the application may encounter errors or be unable to connect. They may receive error messages indicating that the application is currently rate-limited or that there are too many requests.

Similarly, if your application has a limit of 100 PC connections, this means that only 100 users can be concurrently connected to the application at any given time. If the number of concurrent connections exceeds this limit, additional users will not be able to establish a connection or participate in real-time events.

In both cases, when the limits are exceeded, the Sendbird server will return an error response indicating that the rate limit has been exceeded. The specific error code and message will depend on the type of request or action that triggered the rate limit.

To avoid exceeding the limits, it is important to monitor the usage of your Sendbird application and ensure that it stays within the allocated quota. If you anticipate a significant increase in user activity or concurrent connections, you may need to upgrade your plan or contact Sendbird’s sales team to discuss higher rate limits.

Connection Lost:

We do not limit your connections immediately. If the MAU/PC exceeds the limit 3 times, the extra users that are connected after the 300% mark won’t be able to connect anymore. (i.e. If your limit is 25 Peak connection, the 76th (25*3=75) user will not be connected)

Overage Fee:

Once MAU exceeds your limit, you will be charged for the overage fee which is the exceeded amount per month. You will get a warning email when your usage reaches 80% then again at 100%. The dashboard graphs will turn from purple to orange and red respectively.

When your app does hit your limit (i.e. 1000 MAU / 25 Peak Connection ceiling), we will send an email (to the address you use to log in to the Sendbird Dashboard) alerting you to upgrade your plan. If you do not contact us within a few days, your users will not be able to log in until you do so.