When my app opens first time onMessageReceived not triggering on Android. Notificaiton is not triggering

There is very interesting issue on My project.
I have MainActivity and Fragment connected to Mainactivity that is called with Navigation component.

I init the user to Sendbird in Fragment only once during App’s lifecycle. I do this in Fragment because I need to init with UserID information

Problem is that. When I open the first time onMessageReceived not triggering when I receive a new messaege and when I close to app to Device’s home with back button, the notification also not triggering. In this time, the app is not killed completely. Only I click back. But when I reopen the app, everything start to work fine, “onMessageReceived” got all messages and when I reclose app with back button, notifications also starts to work.

Even in App’s home page, I only paused the app(not completely killed or close only square button I clicked and reopen) it works as well. I do not have any idea where I should check.

I called the method respectively.
1- SendbirdUIKit.init
2- SendbirdChat.connect
3.1 - SendbirdChat.addChannelHandler
3.2 - SendbirdChat.registerPushToken(token)

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All time

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When my app opened after killed, user can not see the new messages or got notification.