Wondering when the `creator` field of a SBDGroupChannel is empty

It seems like the creator field is nullable according to the documentation.

So here I am wondering when this field may be empty.

My guess is that when you use the native SDK–for me that would be the iOS chat SDK–to create a channel, the current user becomes the creator of the group, but when you use the platform web API, it is left empty–since there is no user that created the channel, but then again I’m not sure since there is no mention of it in the documentation.

Can you guys clarify on this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Any news on this? It’s been 3 weeks since I first posted the question…

Hello @fn7,

You are correct, when a channel is created though a Chat SDK the creator of that channel would be the SDK’s current user where as when a channel is created through the Platform API there will be no creator. One other possibility is when a channel is created through the Sendbird Dashboard, when that happens the creator is the user which the Dashboard profile is associated with.

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