Ad Blocker issues in using JS SDK - Resolved

We’ve recently been made aware of a change made to EasyList, a filter list provider for extensions such as Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin, where our WebSocket domain has been blacklisted. As a result, end users utilizing Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin or any similar service that uses EasyList as a source will be unable to connect to Sendbird.

We have recognized this issue. We are actively engaged with EasyList to address this and hope to resolve it as soon as possible. In the mean time, end users can utilize some potential workarounds below:

  • Whitelist the domain
  • Turn off the blocker for the page/site where chat is utilized.

Taking this opportunity to spell out where we stand about privacy, Sendbird is not utilizing any user information for retargeting or any advertisement.

As of 8PM PDT on 06/01/21, this issue is resolved after the filter is modified to not include Sendbird in easylist.

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This issue can be tracked directly via the EasyList forums here: - EasyList Forum


This issue has been resolved: M: Removed filter (Fixes… · easylist/easylist@d197124 · GitHub

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