Add an item in the action sheet presented when the user taps the + button

Hi guys, i am using Sendbird UIKit, 3.0.0 version. iOS app deployment target is iOS 15.0.

I’m trying to add a “send location” option when the user taps the add (+) button.

I think this should be achievable as there is a onTapAddButton() method in the SBUMessageInputView class which can be overridden. From there i can present my custom action sheet with four item options and handle the user selection.

The issue is that from there on i don’t really know how to proceed and handle when the user selects the “camera”, “photos” or “files” item. I’ve checked and there is a didSelectActionSheetItem() method, however it takes a index and a identifier parameter and it has really no documentations.

Can you point me in the right direction? Are there no sample apps about it?