Provide list of responses that user can tap

Hello Sendbird community! I am wondering if the UI Kit provides a way to display a list of potential responses?

For example:
User 1: What can I help you with today?
List of tappable bubbles that say: “Option 1”, “Option 2,” etc.

We want to be able to triage chats based on the option that they choose. I’ve seen a few articles about integrating bots, but nothing specific.

Here are the two articles I was looking at:

Are you asking us how to show additional options on the UI Kit? You can customize the UI part of the message, so please refer to the UIKit guide.

  1. First, put the necessary data together in the data area of the message and send it.
    Group channel | Chat Android SDK | Sendbird Docs

[ex - Android]
UserMessageParams params = new UserMessageParams()



  1. And you can customize the data in the message with a button.
    [ex - Android]
    Group channel | UIKit Android SDK | Sendbird Docs

[ex - iOS]


Define the option that goes into the data as JSON string and use it.