Any way to get image from message without auth param?

I want to get image from message but not use message.url, because it has auth token as param. Is there any way to use plainUrl (for image caching) like pass auth token as headers?

Hi @montossc,
If you’re looking to check the file without using the SDK, yes you’ll need to pass the API key along with the unauthenticated URL. This will redirect you to an authenticated link. The API key needs to be in the header.

Thanks for your reply.
I use “react-native-fast-image” to load message images and cache them. Passed the sendbird.ekey as ‘Api-Token’ in headers like this:

          uri: message?.plainUrl,
          method: 'GET',
          headers: {
            'Api-Token': sendbird.ekey,
            Accept: '*/*',
            'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*',

Unfortunately, it not work. Trying to find out it’s the image library issue, or my headers lack of something?

When you use Api-token, you need to add a master or sub-token from the dashboard. If you want to add sendbird.ekey. Then you need to add auth=sendbird.ekey.