Error while trying to render an image message with the link provided for objects that we got from messages

We are using Sendbird UiKit for React Native and we take the docs as a base to implement this : Send your first message | UIKit React Native SDK | Sendbird Docs. But we cant render the images files with the url that we receive from channel messages

We try to implement a custom chat so we are using to customs renders:

  1. the custom input render to send some files (images and videos).
  2. the custom render for the messages depending on the type.

The input works perfectly, it sends the media files with a successful status. But when we try to access to the object that represents this media files we only got the plainUrl and when we try to render this link the image does not appear. Also, when trying to access the link on google we got an “not authorized” status.

We try to add some auth as a query param like we see in this example (Share an encrypted file | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs) but we don’t find what is the perfect token to pass, we try with:
-The access token for every user of the channel.
-A secondary Token of the app.
-The access Token of the app.

we are sending the media object like this:

Steps to replicate:
-Use a custom input render and send the media object as the screenshot.
-Try to render an image component accessing the link plainUrl
-See that it isn’t rendering the image.

We are using react native: 0.70.6 and Sendbird uikit react native 2.4.1


The image URL will be delivered in the image URL + auth key(?auth=RW5jb2RlIHaXMgdGV4eA==) form through SDK.
If you need the auth value, you can get the ekey from SDK API.


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