Are concurrent connections summarized for all sendbird applications created in single account?

Given we have 3 sendbird applications in single account and have limit of 100 concurrent connections in our plan, will maximum connections limit be reached if each account has 50 concurrent connections?

Another question is if using JS SDK for retrieving channel list (acutally API call, not websocket connection) is considered active connection? I would consider its not

Hi @quarryman,

Typically all features are measured at an organization level meaning that if all three of your applications had 50 concurrent connections, you would have a total of 150 and be charged accordingly.

In regards to your question about the SDK, the SDKs require you to connect to Sendbird as the user via the connect() method in order to utilize any of the functionality. This does establish a websocket connection. If you were looking to retrieve data without using the connect() method you’d need to utilize the Platform API.