Authentication on File Upload

Good Morning!

Currently we want to imbed the images that users upload in our email notifications with the image URL.

However, there is a basic Authentication on the urls that stop us from doing this.
Is there a way to remove the auth on these files to make them publicly accessible, or should we be showing the images in a different way?

Thanks for the assistance!

Hi @Christiaan_van_der_Merwe,

In order to access encrypted files outside of the SDK, you typically need to provide your applications API key as the Api-Token header on the GET request. However, that isn’t really something I would suggest given that you’re trying to send these links elsewhere. With that in mind there are two options.

  • Disable file_authentication across your application. This means that all files that are uploaded after the change is made will not require any kind of authentication to view and will be public to anyone with the link.
  • Temporarily re-upload the image on your side to a public link that can be sent in the email notification.