Need help disabling the auth requirement for files on my sendbird environments

The application we’re developing requires files shared in chats to be seen by users who aren’t in the channel. Can someone from sendbird disable the auth requirement on some app IDs i’ll provide in a DM?

Hello, @gabevama

Yes, we can do that for you. You want this file to be accessed directly from Sendbird servers or is there a chance your users can query your server to get the file?

If your users will query your server to get the file, then you can send a GET request to the file and your server need to include your Api-Token in the headers.

Example: GET →

Headers: “Api-token”: “…”

You can return the file content.

This doesn’t quite work for our usecase. Can I private message you some app IDs to disable the auth requirement on?

Any chance you’re available to help out with this?