Beginner friendly documentation

I am trying to render SendBird in different components, I want my users to have their channel window straight up on their dashboard, and upon accessing a “messenger” page, show them “Channel List” and the rest of the components.

Could someone point me where I can find the needed documentation for that? I seem to miss it whenever looking into docs.

I am using React Js (functional components)

Hi @BenDover,

Are you looking to utilize the UIKit or the Core Javascript SDK? Depending on that, there are two places.
If you’re using the UIKit, you can see how to render a channel list here:

If you’re using the Core SDK, you can see how to retrieve a list of channels here:

How you render that list on your friend end is completely up to you. For me personally, I retrieve the list of channels and then store them in my Redux store. Once they’re stored, my component reloads and maps through the list of channels to display them.

That’s quite helpful, I will be back with further questions if there will be any. Thank you so much for your time!

By any chance, are there any examples with functional components?

Hi Ben,

Our React-Native-Hooks example uses functional components.