Need more exports


I am struggling to make use of the react UI toolkit. There’s many gaps that need to be filled to make it much more useable.

  • Some typings aren’t exported. For example, “EveryMessage”
  • Smart components or providers don’t expose any setter functions, or rather, any dispatchers to make changes to the context/redux store. For example, I wanted to override some of the render functions that you support on a ChannelUIList, but I couldn’t set things like the current group channel. If you don’t want to expose the dispatchers, then please expose functions on the context that can be used to call the dispatcher.
  • I wanted to make Group Channels look more like Open Channels so I had to override the rendering of message’s in MessageList. To do this, I wanted to make use of the UI components (non-smart), but none of the helpers are exported. It would be extremely helpful if all the utils were exported. For example, src/utils/index.ts (I need things like isFileMessage, isVoiceMessage, etc).

I am basically having to copy/paste a lot of code to get anything done because of the above limitations.


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adding more to this.

I can’t replace the MessageInput file upload icon, because it replaces the whole button.
renderSendMessageIcon works fine and just replaces the icon, but renderFileUploadIcon replaces the whole button. On top of that, I cannot even use useChannelContext because the typescript definition for ChannelProviderInterface does not expose sendFileMessage.

Please also expose resendMessage on MessageStoreInterface. This interface is missing a lot of much needed exports.

Hello @Michael_McLafferty, could you please DM me your application ID so I can look up your account? I will need this information to file a feature request to our UIKit engineering team.

I need EveryMessage too!