Bluetooth is not working during a VoIP call

If Bluetooth (from OS) is not enabled before receiving or starting a call, it does not work if it is enabled in the middle of the process.

This looks like a case that is not contemplated by the Sendbird Android SDK.

When we have the Bluetooth enabled before a call is started, the CallAudioState has the activeBluetoothDevice filled by one of the supportedBluetoothDevices.

If the Bluetooth is not enabled yet when the call starts, the activeBluetoothDevice is null and the supportedBluetoothDevices empty. This is expected.

But if the Bluetooth is not enabled yet when the call starts and it’s enabled during that call, this activeBluetoothDevice stills null. But the device appears on the list of supportedBluetoothDevices.

It happens the same if it is an ongoing call or an incoming one.

[SDK Version]

[Reproduction Steps]

  1. Have Bluetooth disconnected (from the OS)
  2. Start a call
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth (from the OS)
  4. The device id is not recognized (but it is on the list of available devices)


[Current impact]
Many users often have Bluetooth disabled from OS and they enable it after receiving (incoming) a call or starting a new one (outgoing).