Call Notification stays in calee's phone even if caller canceled the call

I am using the latest code in sample app with version 1.4.0 and even tried the sample app which works great but after implementing the same in my app when a user calls someone then the receiver side does get the incoming call notification with accept or reject option but if the caller cancels the call before the receiver side takes any action then the notification doesn’t go away in receivers phone.
I went through all the code files and unable to understand what i am doing wrong as i have the exact code as the sample app.
Can you please tell me which function is called to remove the receiver side notification if the caller has canceled the call??

[] [Line 71] CallService.stopService(context);

Thank you~!!

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Hi @Nemi. Please, you check the BaseApplication file of the Sendbird Calls Sample. There is Call Listener which has onEnded function. When caller cancels the call, the onEnded function of the callee device will be triggered. on the function, you can call CallService.stopService(context)

Thank you ~!!