Call will be disconnected when the user denies the permission manually.

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In between call if the caller or callee manually deny the permissions (camera or microphone), then the call will be disconnected. The problem is that the VideoCallActivity gets destroyed when the permission is manually denied and the callback is not received at the other end.

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Send bird calls version 1.10.6 is used.
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Start a call, then go to permission settings in the app and deny permission manually.
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Whenever permission is manually denied
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The other end will not get the callback and the black screen will appear until the other end user disconnects the call.

Hello Noushad,

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I tried reproducing the issue described here on the thread for the same version where the call was working as expected between call made from Android device(caller) to other callee over web. Hence, I would like to gather more details from your end to further investigate the issue,

  1. Any logging captured at your end.
  2. Is it happening between caller and callee connected on different android device?