Call without camera permission - SendBirdCall.useMedia() not work

Hi, I’ve tried the useMedia but it didn’t work.

The point is, we need to do a video call but without the video from the browser: the user that answers should NOT be able to see the caller.

That’s the sequence:

1- user A, from PC, is using the browser and makes a call BUT without the video, only with sound. The browser should asks ONLY for the audio permission, NOT video.
2- user B, from the android APP answers the call but WITH video, so user A can see him or her.By setting isVideoCall to false, the android app crashes.

We changed videoEnabled to false, nothing happened.
We also tried " call.stopVideo(); " and " setLocalVideo(false); " but still without success.

I’ve searched here:

but can’t find anything useful.

Can you help me, please?

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