How to access the remote media

I’m not be able to access the remote media when the call is connected i have created the functions in utils/functions.ts section and now i want when the call is going on access the remote video and audio currently my video and audio going through the call but the im able to fetch the remote audio and video format

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Hello @Ashish_Kumar_Kumar,

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Have you called Sendbird.useMedia() prior to making your calls?

Note : If the SendBirdCall.useMedia() function isn’t called before making or receiving the first call using your JavaScript application in a browser, the browser might prompt the user to grant microphone and camera access permissions.

im calling make call function in the other component and after that i m redirecting to the some page and there i 'm streaming incoming and outgoing video using the useRef and DirectCall there im able to use the localmedia but not remote media in sendbirdcall in nextjs