Can not filter ChannelList by metadat in Ui-kit/react


I am trying to filter a channel list by metadata and it’s not working. I have tried everything. Things like

metadataKey, metadataValues and metadataValueStartsWith are all listed in the documentation but It does not seem to work and type script is yelling at me. Has this feature been implemented

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[Reproduction Steps]


const [queries] = useState({
    channelListQuery: {
      includeEmpty: true,
      metadataKey: 'path',
      metadataValueStartsWith: 'hi',

  onChannelSelect={(channel) => setChannel(channel)}

The result is no filtering at all the the whole users list returns

All the time

[Current impact]
I will have to use the sendbird API to filter a list and then pass this into the channel_urls prop. Less than ideal to be using the react SDK and the standard API at the same time

Can I get some help pleas