Possible to filter ChannelList query by multiple metadata_keys?


I need to filter a channel list query by multiple metadata_keys via query params – is this possible? Or is it only possible to use one metadata_key per query?



@pjack3191 Thank you for your question. Could you share what platform you are trying to get this implemented?

Hi @eric.kim, I’m using the Javascript SDK.

@eric.kim Do you have any advice here?

@pjack3191 Thanks for your inquiry.

Please refer to this documentation https://docs.sendbird.com/javascript/user_channel_metadata#3_channel_metadata

Hi @eric.kim ,

I’m referring to the channel list query, which allows you to filter by metadata_key. The documentation doesn’t suggest any solution to filtering by more than one key, which is why I ask. This functionality would be very useful, as we have several metadata_keys we would like to filter by, sometimes more than one at a time.