Can not to connect sendbird server (SDK)

Here is my code:

`export class ChatService {
protected sendBird: SendbirdOpenChat;
private APP_ID = <APP_ID>;

constructor() {
this.sendBird = SendbirdChat.init({
appId: this.APP_ID,
modules: [new OpenChannelModule()],
}) as SendbirdOpenChat;

public getSendBirdInstance(): SendbirdOpenChat {
return this.sendBird;

public async connectUsertoSB(userId: string): Promise {
return await this.sendBird.connect(userId);

async handleConnection(client: any, …args: any): Promise {
console.log(Client connected: ${} HERE START);
const sb: SendbirdOpenChat = this.chatService.getSendBirdInstance();
const result: User = await sb.connect(‘333’); <----- HERE IS STOCK

Stock in line which i highlight then just nothing happening; If you got some issue please tell me how you fixed it, thanks!)

I have the exact same issue, did you manage to resolve it?

The issue was that I was trying to use the SDK in Node.js, instead of the browser. So I just used the Platform API’s instead.

Hello bro! Yes i do the same how i understand the SDK work only for FE;
In BE I also just used API