Cannot connect with session or access token

I’m having issues connecting to sendbird with session tokens. I get a sendbird error every time I call connect:

" WARN [UIKIT_android] [useConnection] connect failure There was a network error. 800120
ERROR [SendbirdError: There was a network error.]"

“The connection failed due to the unstable network or an unexpected error in the Chat SDK network library.”

Things I’ve tried:

  • Generate access token via web ui and hardcode in my app - same issue
  • checkout sample react native code and replace env with my application variables - same issue
  • Disable ‘deny login’ for ‘access token permission’ - everything is working again

I could use some guidance here. The error code does not make much sense, the internet is perfectly stable and is connecting to other services.

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[UIKit Version]

[Reproduction Steps]
const sbUser = await connect(, {
accessToken: currentSendbirdToken.token

every time

[Current impact]
cannot connect