Cannot find "data" parameter for a New Message in Push Notification Payload

In our application, we are sending a specific ID for some business logic inside app, and we are passing it into ‘data’ parameter. It appears in a normal message received from SBDGroupChannel, but it doesn’t exist in Push Notification.

By the doc it should be here:

And there is a similar issue, but I haven’t got an answer for it: Cannot find "data" parameter in pushnotification payload

Will be glad for any help on this.


The message that is sent to the channel that would trigger a push notification, does it contain a data object?


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Hi, @Tyler . Thanks for a quick response.

Yes, the message itself contains this object. The current workaround is that I’m taking the channelUrl and messageId from the notification and loading this concrete message from SendBird, and there I take my specific data from ‘data’ field.

Would be great if it is possible to somehow include this field into the notification payload.

Thanks in advance!

@illia.postoienko Let me take a look further into this. It may take me a couple of days to get some useful information but I’ll report back when I have found something.

Appreciated @Tyler. Ping me, if any additional info needed.

Hey, @Tyler.

There is a small addition: while recreating Push SSL Certificates for Dashboard I have found that while adding them into app’s dashboard there are some toggles: ‘Mutable Content’ and ‘Content available’. Does it have influence into fields, which are included or not in notification payload?

Or maybe you have updates on this issue from your side?)

@illia.postoienko I apologize, I’ve not had a chance to deep dive into this yet. I’m hoping I’ll have time today to take a look and see whats going on.

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hey, @Tyler, any updates on this?)


My sincerest apologies for this. I’m looking into this now. Can you DM me your Application ID where you’re seeing this behavior?