Notification payload

I don’t get notification from sendbird when the app is in the background or the app is in kill state. because of not getting notification object in the payload only get data object.

here is my payload.

  data: {
    sendbird: {
      "custom_type": "",
      "channel": {
        "channel_unread_message_count": 1,
        "custom_type": "",
        "name": "Single User",
        "channel_url": "sendbird_group_channel_11489873_d9de1f10a87c7bdb0d756254863ddd259e9cd888"
      "created_at": 1624598411526,
      "message_id": 128575968,
      "message": "hello",
      "type": "MESG",
      "unread_message_count": 58,
      "push_title": null,
      "audience_type": "only",
      "sender": {
        "require_auth_for_profile_image": false,
        "profile_url": "https:\/\/\/headshot\/1.jpg",
        "name": "trupti",
        "id": "0c3a70aed961478e8fc5462e8a40969a"
      "push_sound": "default",
      "translations": {
      "recipient": {
        "name": "rr",
        "push_template": "default",
        "id": "60b9286058ca48f7940632e8eba9230e"
      "files": [
      "category": "messaging:offline_notification",
      "channel_type": "group_messaging",
      "mentioned_users": [
      "app_id": "E15B6240-66A1-4ABA-94A1-DA0BC360CFBB"
    message: trupti: hello
  messageId: 0: 1624598411839254%5dee7cb5f9fd7ecd,
  sentTime: 1624598411820,
  from: 1001604742767,
  ttl: 2419200

@sharadhdha Assuming you tested this on ios device, it is most likely you registered wrong push token type for iOS. In order to make push notification work on iOS, you have to register apns token and certificate on sendbird dashboard.