Cannot find name 'LocalCacheConfigParams'

I have upgraded my project from the SDK v3 to v4 and now I am having a hard time compiling the project. First I had this issue, that I was missing a react-native (!) peer dependency:

However my project still doesn’t compile:

Error: node_modules/@sendbird/chat/lib/__definition.d.ts:563:69 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'LocalCacheConfigParams'.

563   constructor({ maxSize, clearOrder, customClearOrderComparator }?: LocalCacheConfigParams);

[SDK Version]
Javascript SDK Version 4.9.3

[Reproduction Steps]

  • Install SDK v4 in a Javascript project.
  • Add peer dependency mentioned above.
  • Compile project. (typescript 4.7.4)

Error mentioned above should be shown.


[Current impact]
Project not building