@sendbird/chat typescript issues

Compiling some initial issues with the new Typescript (v4) chat client

First off great to see Sendbird moving to first class Typescript support!

We are running into some initial issues around creating a type safe client with the new module system.

let sendbirdChat: SendbirdChat; 

const init = () => {
  if (!sendbirdChat) {
    sendbirdChat = SendbirdChat.init({
      appId: 'APP_ID',
      localCacheEnabled: true,
      modules: [new GroupChannelModule()],
      useAsyncStorageStore: AsyncStorage,

  return sendbirdChat;

// @ts-expect-error Property 'groupChannel' does not exist on type 'SendbirdChat'

Any suggestions for how to create a type safe client that uses modules?

We could work around this if ModuleNamespaces and Modules types were exposed publicly

Less urgent but the type definition for AsyncStorageStatic is incompatible with @react-native-async-storage/async-storage

    Types of property 'getItem' are incompatible.
      Type '(key: string, callback?: CallbackWithResult<string> | undefined) => Promise<string | null>' is not assignable to type '(key: string, callback?: ((error?: Error | undefined, result?: string | undefined) => void) | undefined) => Promise<string | null>'.
        Types of parameters 'callback' and 'callback' are incompatible.
          Types of parameters 'error' and 'error' are incompatible.
            Type 'Error | null | undefined' is not assignable to type 'Error | undefined'.
              Type 'null' is not assignable to type 'Error | undefined'.ts(2322)
__definition.d.ts(868, 3): The expected type comes from property 'useAsyncStorageStore' which is declared here on type 'SendbirdChatParams<GroupChannelModule[]>'