Cannot import ChannelBody, ChannelHeader, or ChannelProfile

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In the <MessageContent /> component, I want to modify the props passed to children components like <MessageProfile /> and <MessageBody /> like the README v3.8.2 example which directly uses those components. However, there are no exports for them from the @sendbird/uikit-react package.

The end result type error is Cannot find module '@sendbird/uikit-react/ui/MessageContent/MessageProfile' or its corresponding type declarations.. I’m trying to import by looking at the index.d.ts files for the above-mentioned components.

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3.10.0, React

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import { Channel } from '@sendbird/uikit-react';
import { Route } from 'wouter';
import MessageContent from '@sendbird/uikit-react/ui/MessageContent';
import MessageProfile, { MessageProfileProps } from '@sendbird/uikit-react/ui/MessageContent/MessageProfile'; // Where I'd expect the export to be based on the package path to Message Profile, "node_modules/@sendbird/uikit-react/types/ui/MessageContent/MessageProfile/index.d.ts"

export const MessageContainer = () => (
    <div className={styles.message_container}>
        <Route path="/chat/:channelUrl">
            {(params) => (
                    renderChannelHeader={() => <MyCustomMessageHeader />}
                    renderMessageContent={(messageContentProps) => (
                            renderSenderProfile={(props: MessageProfileProps) => <MessageProfile {...props} />}/>

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I need to make changes to props passed to child components of <MessageContent />