Cannot view network API created group chat in channel List

I created a 1-1 group channel using this API.

I used this sample sendbird group channel project. I updated the App id and UserID. Have verified they are correct because I can see my user profile in the component.

However, in the sample channelList component, I cannot see the the 1-1 group channel I had made with this user previously in the API call.

Debugging done:

  • The group channel does exists, I can view it in my sendbird dashboard.
  • Also, my default value for group chanels is auto-accept = true.

Hello @Darshan,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. Have you sent a message to the channel? By default, empty channels are not displayed in the channelList query. If you want empty channels to appear in the channelList, you’ll need to pass in a custom channelList query that contains includeEmpty as true.

You can see how to do that here:
V3 - Channel list | UIKit React SDK | Sendbird Docs
V2 - Group channel | UIKit React SDK | Sendbird Docs

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