Change the color of the navbar button in the channel creation

Testing on: iOS 13.0
SendBirdUIKit (2.0.8)
SendBirdSDK (~> 3.0.205)
Hi, I changed the navbar color to purple and the navbar items color to white. The problem is on the right nav button in the channel creation vc, when I click on a user the button became purple again. How can I change permanently the color of this nav item?
I changed the nav bar title color in that way:

func componentTheme() -> SBUComponentTheme {
        let myComponentTheme = SBUComponentTheme.light
        myComponentTheme.titleColor = Colors.Tertiary
        myComponentTheme.titleStatusColor = Colors.Tertiary
        return myComponentTheme

And for each view I change the navbar buttons color and the navbar background color in that way (Colors.Tertiary is .white):

func userListTheme() -> SBUUserListTheme {
        let myUserListTheme = SBUUserListTheme.light
        myUserListTheme.navigationBarTintColor = Colors.Primary
        myUserListTheme.barButtonTintColor = Colors.Tertiary
        myUserListTheme.leftBarButtonTintColor = Colors.Tertiary
        myUserListTheme.rightBarButtonTintColor = Colors.Tertiary
        return myUserListTheme

And in the end i set the SBUTheme:

let newTheme = SBUTheme(channelListTheme: channelListTheme(),
                        channelCellTheme: .light,
                        channelTheme: channelTheme(),
                        messageInputTheme: .light,
                        messageCellTheme: .light,
                        userListTheme: userListTheme(),
                        userCellTheme: .light,
                        channelSettingsTheme: channelSettingsTheme(),
                        componentTheme: componentTheme())
SBUTheme.set(theme: newTheme)

I don’t understand which field changes the color of that button.
Thanks, AP

@Andrea_Procucci hi!

I believe that nav button is still purple color and what you saw is dim out color that is default for BarButtonItem.

Hi @Woo,
I have found an other problem, as I show above I changed the SBUComponentTheme.titleColor to .white but it seems that even the action sheet buttons take their color from .titleColor.
I tried to change the SBUComponentTheme.actionSheetXyzColor but nothing change. (Maybe I miss a parameter).

private func componentTheme() -> SBUComponentTheme
    let myComponentTheme = SBUComponentTheme.ligh
    myComponentTheme.titleColor = foregroundColor // Navbar title            
    myComponentTheme.titleStatusColor = foregroundColor // Navbar subtitle (last user access)
    myComponentTheme.actionSheetTextColor = .black
    myComponentTheme.actionSheetItemColor = .black
    myComponentTheme.actionSheetSubTextColor = .black
    return myComponentTheme

Any idea?
If you need more info I’m here.

I see that actionsheet in channelview isn’t properly set with componentTheme. I will report this to team and get fixed for next patch. Thanks!