Changing navigation title color on SwiftUI

I’ve been having issues changing the title color on the navigation bar to white. At the moment it is always black. Any help will be great! Thanks!

struct ThreadedMessagesView: UIViewControllerRepresentable {
    typealias UIViewControllerType = SBUGroupChannelListViewController

    // MARK: UIViewControllerRepresentable
    func makeUIViewController(context: Context) -> SendbirdUIKit.SBUGroupChannelListViewController {
        let vc = SBUGroupChannelListViewController()
        return vc
    func updateUIViewController(_ uiViewController: SendbirdUIKit.SBUGroupChannelListViewController, context: Context) {

    // MARK: Internal
    private func setupUI() {
        SBUTheme.set(theme: constructTheme())
    private func constructTheme() -> SBUTheme {
        let tintColor: UIColor = UIColor(named: "primaryColor")!
        // Colors
        SBUColorSet.onlight01 = .white
        SBUColorSet.ondark01 = .white
        SBUColorSet.ondark02 = .white
        SBUColorSet.ondark03 = .white
        SBUColorSet.ondark04 = .white
        SBUColorSet.background700 = .white
        SBUColorSet.background600 = .white
        // Group channel list
        let groupChannelListTheme = SBUGroupChannelListTheme(
            statusBarStyle: .darkContent,
            navigationBarTintColor: tintColor,
            backgroundColor: .white
        // Group channel list cell
        let groupChannelListCell = SBUGroupChannelCellTheme(
            backgroundColor: .white,
            titleFont: UIFont(name: CustomFont.boldName, size: 18)!,
            lastUpdatedTimeFont: UIFont(name: CustomFont.regularName, size: 13)!,
            lastUpdatedTimeTextColor: .black,
            messageFont: UIFont(name: CustomFont.regularName, size: 15)!
        let componentTheme = SBUComponentTheme(
            titleColor: .white,
            titleFont: UIFont(name: CustomFont.boldName, size: 18)!,
            barItemTintColor: .white
        return SBUTheme(
            groupChannelListTheme: groupChannelListTheme,
            groupChannelCellTheme: groupChannelListCell,
            componentTheme: componentTheme

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