Channel created when there already is a channel

Hello. I am using v4 of the UIKit SDK from sendbird in iOS. I allow user chats 1v1 and group chats, which are distinct. When the user goes to my chat tab, I show a channel list view controller from the sdk where they can tap on a user to initiate a conversation. But, this view controller should not be creating a new channel when the user already has a private 1v1 channel with the user. Instead, it is creating a new channel when they already have a distinct one it should use and pull messages from.

I tested in your Sendbird app using the below config as suggested on your previous post here.

Please refer to the recording here – it’s working as expected. A distinct channel is created the first time, and the second time, it pulls the same channel instead of creating a new channel.

SBUGlobalCustomParams.groupChannelParamsCreateBuilder = {params in
    params?.isDistinct = true